Saturday, April 8, 2023

Thoughts on Co-pilot or Google Docs Integration with Bard and ChatGPT

Seeing ChatGPT and Bard integrated into Microsoft Office and Google Docs will be greatBelow are a couple of areas I would love both organizations to focus on.

Text Software

  • Automatic text generation for documents. For example, if you are writing a report, you can create a list of possible topics or a summary.

  • The ability to translate languages. For example, if you are writing a document that will be shared with people who speak other languages, it could be translated into their native or preferred language.

  • Create different kinds of creative content. Think about writing a blog post; for instance, it might generate a list of topics or a summary of the key points.

  • Answer questions in an informative manner. During the course of writing a report, you may have a question about a specific topic, and you may want to research the topic to find the answer.

  • Respond to your requests, no matter how open-ended, challenging, or strange they may seem. When writing a document and unsure how to proceed, the tool might provide suggestions or help brainstorm ideas.

  • Provide rewrite and editing suggestions such as Grammarly and Wordtune automatically. One example is providing suggestions on improving a document based on the audience type.

  • Alert users to possible plagiarism or fake content.  For example, it might automatically flag unverified or fake content and credit the original creators.

Spreadsheet Software

  • Create data automatically based on a topic you are working on. An example would be automatically updating a spreadsheet that tracks expenses by combining data from several sources.

  • Calculate data based on topics or keywords.  Using a spreadsheet, ask for the ten-year history of a stock or compare it to its peers.  You can do this today, but it is a pain; imagine having this done automatically.

  • Create charts and graphs. An example is automatically generating a graph or chart that shows financial information over time for a set of stocks. 

  • Use spreadsheets to collaborate with others. For instance, a shared spreadsheet could be used to collaborate on a project with everyone on the team.  In addition, it could offer suggestions and updates for improving the content for the individual, group, or team.

Presentation Software

  • Create or enhance your presentations based on summary information.  It can create or help you improve your presentations by providing accurate and informative text. Think about how this can help make your presentations more engaging and informative for your audience.

  • Offer creative suggestions.  It can help you be more creative by providing new ideas and inspiration. This can help you to create presentations that are more original and interesting.

  • Helping you collaborate with others.  It can help you collaborate with others by providing new ideas and a way to share ideas and feedback. This can be a great way to improve your presentations and to get feedback from others.

So many opportunities. What about things like email?

In my simple world, it could provide me with automated email replies to help me save time. When an email is sent asking for a status update on a project, a reply will provide the requested information. The time saved can be huge, especially if you receive many emails (as I do).

Additionally, I'd love to get feedback on my emails, which will help me improve my email communication. For example, it can check your emails for grammar and spelling mistakes and give feedback on your tone. By doing this, you can ensure that your emails are clear, concise, and professional.  

I would also consider providing a way to share emails with a select group or team automatically (not a manual mailing list). You can, for instance, share emails with your team members when working on a project together. By doing this, you can ensure everyone has access to the information they need and keep everyone on the same page.

And, of course, there are SPAM, fake news, and security concerns.  The engine should help filter these out and flag questionable content automatically. Some of this is done today, but it could be so much better.

What are your thoughts on the integration you would like to see?

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