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Friday, February 10, 2023

ChatGPT and Bing Thoughts


Despite signing up for the Bing and ChatGPT preview, I was waitlisted. Deep in the back recesses of my mind, I wonder if this is a marketing stunt, an engineering capacity issue, or something else. My guess is this is a marketing ploy to generate buzz and demand, but we'll have to wait and see. Let's double-click beyond the hype for a minute. ChatGPT and Bing's integration offers several advantages across industries and applications. Consider the following use cases.

* Customer service: The integration gives customers instant and accurate answers to their questions. As a result, customer satisfaction can be significantly improved.

* E-commerce: ChatGPT can provide product recommendations and information, and Bing can search for products and prices, making the shopping experience more seamless and efficient for customers.

* Healthcare: The integration can provide medical professionals and patients quick access to reliable health information. Think about this use case in emergencies where time is of the essence.

* Education: Consider building virtual learning environments, allowing students to access information and have their questions answered in near real-time.

* In software development, the integration can provide code samples and answer simple to immediate questions in different programming languages. ChatGPT is excellent at answering simple questions like "write a simple weibull analysis in C#.". Now imagine adding Bing and Git to the equation.

While these are only a few possibilities, integrating ChatGPT and Bing can improve efficiency and accuracy and provide more reliable information to various industries. I'll let you know how it goes as soon as I gain access.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Random Thoughts on AI

The different uses of AI in various industries are rapidly evolving, so it is impossible to predict how the market will look by the end of 2023. However, we will likely continue to see advancements in natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning capabilities. The use of AI in self-driving cars, virtual assistants, and smart home appliances will likely continue to gain traction throughout the year. For my social science friends, AI safety research will become increasingly relevant to ensure the ethical and responsible use of the technology.

I am amazed at the size of the investment Microsoft made in OpenAI. The investment significantly contributes to both companies' research efforts and should pay handsome dividends if used correctly. Even so, it's difficult to predict how influential the investment will be without knowing more about how it will be used. The technology could potentially assist in developing and advancing AI technologies and enable OpenAI to continue its pursuit of creating safe, beneficial solutions. For Microsoft, Bing may become more relevant depending on the level of integration and solutions offered by the two organizations.

While OpenAI is getting many headlines, they are not the only game in town. Many of the world's leading organizations are developing solutions in several sectors, from automotive and healthcare to finance. Platform vendors like Google spend a significant portion of their research and development budget on AI. Several research groups and initiatives at Google are committed to advancing AI, including Google Brain and Cloud AI. Their technology is used in various products and services, including search, maps, and Google Assistant. Additionally, Google develops machine learning tools and platforms like TensorFlow and the Google Cloud AI Platform. The company has also contributed significantly to the open-source AI community by publishing research papers and models.

AI-related technology has also been a significant focus of Amazon's research and development efforts. In addition to personalizing customer recommendations on its e-commerce platform, optimizing its supply chain, and powering Alexa, Amazon uses AI in many other ways. Amazon offers various AI services through its AWS platform, including machine learning and deep learning services. Besides investing in AI startups, Amazon is acquiring companies that leverage the technology, like home security company Ring. Overall, Amazon's investment in AI appears to have improved its operations and allowed it to provide AI services to others.

Other companies, organizations, and startups are also working on AI projects, including IBM, Facebook, Apple, Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba. They specialize in everything from natural language processing and computer vision to self-driving cars. Many other exciting aspects of AI are not covered here, like what Microsoft is doing with Azure outside of OpenAI, but I'll save that post for another day.

2023 promises to be an exciting year for AI if the hype cycle doesn't outshine the practical benefits and limitations of the technology.

Comments, feedback, and suggestions are always welcome.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Thoughts on Immigration and Congress

The U.S. Immigration system is broken. Instead of fixing the problem, both sides of the aisle would rather play politics than do their jobs. My heart breaks when their inaction leads to the Courts having to make a fair decision. 

The United States Constitution does not specifically mention immigration or immigrants. However, the Constitution contains provisions relevant to immigration and the treatment of immigrants in the United States. The Constitution grants Congress the power to "establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization" in Article I, Section 8. This means that Congress has the authority to set the rules for how immigrants can become naturalized citizens of the United States.

The Constitution also contains several provisions that protect the rights of all people, including immigrants, within the United States. The Fifth Amendment, for example, provides that no person shall be "deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law." The Fourteenth Amendment extends this protection to all persons within the United States, including immigrants, stating that no state shall "deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law."

The Constitution also contains provisions protecting the rights of non-citizens accused of crimes. The Sixth Amendment guarantees the right to a speedy and public trial, the right to an attorney, and the right to be confronted with the witnesses against you, among other rights, to anyone charged with a crime.

In summary, while the Constitution does not explicitly mention immigration or immigrants, it does contain provisions that relate to the naturalization of immigrants and the protection of the rights of all people, including immigrants, within the United States. My only wish is for both sides of the

aisle, get in a room, and fix this mess once and for all.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Dr. Marc Michel - Virginia Technology Today

What happens when a Professor of Geosciences, 3-D Printers, and a worldwide pandemic collide? The answer - hope and a willingness to give back. Join Kim and me for a conversation with Dr. Marc Michel, Associate Professor, Hamlett Junior Faculty Fellow, and Leader of the Division of Nanoscience at Virginia Tech. Marc provides insights into how a group of researchers are making a difference in the battle against Covid-19. Click here for Virginia Technology Today playback on demand.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Thursday morning Kim and I chat with Dr. Michael Friedlander, Executive Director of the Franklin Biomedical Research Institute and Virginia Tech about testing and research related to COVID-19. Incredible insights. Virginia Technology Today starts at 8:45am on WFIR 960AM, 107.3FM94.5FM, and worldwide on Tunein or

Disasters Don’t Take A Holiday or Care About A Pandemic.

We live in interesting times. I’ve heard from many folks about how their company is postponing maintenance and reducing staff. Folks are asking the same question, how do you balance risk and resources. My response is the same, do you know what assets are critical and the risk impact associated with those assets? Many times folks respond - sort of. Remember disasters don’t take a holiday or care about a pandemic. You must understand the status of your assets and focus what resources you have on the most critical components for your business segment. That’s the nice thing about APM, it helps you focus on what’s important with the limited resources you have. Imagine having the ability to model various scenarios with a digital twin - now that gives you peace of mind. If you are using the right product, you can model and then make changes remotely or make the maintenance team aware of what they should be working on as part of their daily task.

Take care and stay safe.

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Monday, April 6, 2020

Arrowsmith - A blast from the past

I side with the medical community when it comes to treating illnesses over the advice of politicians or political wannabes- after all if you are not a medical doctor, don't pretend to be one. With that said, go back and watch the 1931 movie Arrowsmith (no Steven Tyler doesn't play the leading man). Dr. Arrowsmith struggled with the dilemma in terms of treating patients with a new drug before clinical trials were completed (Remember this was 1931). While this is a movie, I can't imagine what our healthcare workers are going through. If you have free time - watch the movie. It puts a face on a human tragedy that happened many years ago. Thank you Health Care Community. Maybe the movie industry should do a remake once this is over and make Steven Tyler the leading man (:-}). Change the name to Dr. Aerosmith.