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Education 2.0 - Online, Face-to-face or Blended

When it comes to education, do you prefer online or face-to-face? This question has been debated for years, but the COVID-19 pandemic brought it to the forefront.  How should one consider the scope and reach of this opportunity? Is it merely the domain for profit and specialty schools or something much broader? Major research universities like Purdue, Penn State, and the University of Maryland have created online divisions offering comprehensive degree programs in recent years.  What insights do these schools have that others lack?  While not all classes can be taught online, many can, and even for those that cannot, is there a middle ground? I remember Steve Balmer once said in a planning meeting that when traditional brick-and-mortar businesses meet the internet - the internet usually wins.  Will it be different in education ten years from now?  Let’s be honest; education is a business (the business of educating the next generation of leaders).  Virginia Tech, UVA, and George Mason o