Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Taking Something Old and Building Something New

The radio industry is in a state of flux. Traditional radio stations face increasing competition from online streaming services, such as Spotify and Pandora. To survive, stations must find new ways to attract and retain listeners.

One potential solution is to use ChatGPT, a large language model, to power a new station type. ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can generate text, translate languages, write creative content, and answer your questions informally. It can be used to create a radio station that is more engaging and interactive than traditional radio.

This business case outlines the strategy for creating a ChatGPT-powered station. The plan includes an overview of the market, a description of the product, a marketing plan, a financial plan, and a timeline for implementation.


The target market for this station is young adults ages 18-34. This demographic increasingly uses online streaming services to listen to music and looks for more engaging and interactive experiences. ChatGPT can create a radio station tailored to this demographic's interests, providing a more engaging and interactive experience than traditional radio.


The product is a radio station that is powered by ChatGPT. ChatGPT will generate content, such as music, news, and talk shows, and interact with listeners. The radio station will be available online and through a mobile app.

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan will focus on reaching young adults through online and social media channels. The radio station will also be promoted through partnerships with other businesses and organizations that target young adults.

Here are some of the marketing channels that we will use:

  • Online advertising: We will use online advertising to reach young adults interested in music, news, and entertainment.

  • Social media: We will use social media to connect with young adults and promote our radio station.

  • Partnerships: We will partner with businesses and organizations that target young adults to promote our radio station.

Our marketing plan will effectively reach our target market and generate revenue.

Financial Plan

The total cost of launching the station is estimated to be $500,000. This cost will be used to cover the following expenses:

  • Development 

  • Production costs

  • Marketing and promotion costs

  • Hardware and software costs

  • Staffing costs

The radio station is expected to generate $600,000 in revenue in its first full year of operation. This revenue will come from a variety of sources, including:

  • Sponsorship

  • Advertising

  • Subscriptions

  • Merchandise

Steps completed.

  • Automation package selected, tested, and deployed in Docker.

  • Scripts were written to interface with Amazon Polly.

  • Initial music library selected and loaded.

  • Domain secured.

Below are the first five Epics that I'm focusing on.

Epic 1: ChatGPT-based Radio Host

  • As a station owner, I want an AI-based radio host to simulate human interaction and provide engaging content to listeners.

    • User Story 1.1: Develop a user interface to input topics, music, and announcements for the AI radio host to cover.

    • User Story 1.2: Train the AI radio host to generate natural and coherent speech for a seamless listening experience.

    • User Story 1.3: Integrate real-time listener interaction capabilities to allow the AI radio host to respond to audience feedback.

    • User Story 1.4: Enable the AI radio host to generate unique content based on listener preferences and demographics.

    • User Story 1.5: Implement an automated music selection system that pairs well with the AI radio host's generated content.

Epic 2: Radio Content Management System

As a station owner, I want a content management system that allows me to store and organize the content generated by the ChatGPT-based radio host.

  • User Story 2.1: Develop a user interface for uploading and categorizing content, including music, advertisements, and generated AI host segments.

  • User Story 2.2: Implement a search functionality for easy content retrieval based on tags, categories, or keywords.

  • User Story 2.3: Enable content scheduling and automation to ensure a continuous flow of content on the radio station.

  • User Story 2.4: Integrate analytics tools to track listener engagement and preferences for content optimization.

  • User Story 2.5: Develop a content archiving system to store and preserve older content for future use or reference.

Epic 3: Listener Engagement Platform

As a station owner, I want to provide a platform for listeners to engage with the ChatGPT-based radio host and other listeners.

  • User Story 3.1: Develop a user interface for listeners to submit questions, comments, or song requests to the AI radio host.

  • User Story 3.2: Integrate a chat feature for listeners to interact with one another and share their experiences.

  • User Story 3.3: Implement social media integration for listeners to share and discuss radio content on various platforms.

  • User Story 3.4: Create a listener feedback system to collect opinions and suggestions for improving the radio station experience.

  • User Story 3.5: Develop a loyalty program to reward engaged listeners with exclusive content, promotions, or giveaways.

Epic 4: Advertiser Collaboration Platform

As a station owner, I want to create a platform for advertisers to collaborate with the ChatGPT-based radio host and effectively promote their products or services.

  • User Story 4.1: Develop a user interface for advertisers to submit their ad content and select desired time slots for airing.

  • User Story 4.2: Train the AI radio host to naturally integrate sponsored content into its conversation without disrupting the listening experience.

  • User Story 4.3: Implement an ad performance tracking system to provide data-driven insights to advertisers.

  • User Story 4.4: Enable advertisers to customize their ad targeting based on listener demographics and preferences.

  • User Story 4.5: Create a collaborative space for advertisers to brainstorm and discuss potential ad campaigns with the radio station team.

Epic 5: Station Analytics and Optimization

As a station owner, I want to gather actionable insights on listener behavior and preferences to continuously improve the ChatGPT-based radio station experience.

  • User Story 5.1: Integrate analytics tools to collect data on listener behavior, engagement, and content preferences.

  • User Story 5.2: Develop a dashboard to visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics for easy monitoring.

  • User Story 5.3: Implement machine learning algorithms to analyze listener data and generate recommendations for content optimization.

Stay tuned, and I'll update you as we go.


  1. Does production cost cover the cost of the content, like license cost of the songs etc?

    1. Good morning and thanks for the note. Yes. Here is the site used to estimate the cost -

  2. I'm not too sure of the AI chatbot powered Radio host. The whole fun of listening to the radio vs Spotify is listening to the opinions of a real person and interacting with them.

  3. I love that you are doing this and dislike that it's happening as a radio guy. There are international terrestrial radio stations already fully run by AI, and I suspect that rack mounted radio stations run by some of the larger companies will jump on-board in the U.S. if they haven't already. Ultimately, I see successful (top 5 Arbitron rated stations) music and News/Talk in local markets unable to go fully automated by AI, but taking a hybrid approach.

    As for your app, the only way I see it hitting the numbers that you detail (and I'd love to see the budget and marketing plan) is if you drill a mile deep on the format. With all the competition out there I don't see success with a traditional AAA format or top 40. I think your AI powered station should be specifically designed for programmers (and by that I mean code writers). I think your A.I. Jocks should do drops about Elon Musk and Bill Gates. I think they should talk about the latest hacks on Apache servers and give Crypto updates. I think your top of the hour newscast should be strictly about news in the high-tech sector. The music could be higher energy during the overnight to help power through that all-nighter and more melodious with less vocals during the day to get through work (though this may be for not as you are likely going for a global audience).

    I think if you do an industry focused music station you will offer something different than what spotify and other music platforms offer, delivered to an audience already receptive to AI and easily marketed/advertised to. There are my unsolicited thoughts ;-)

    1. Thanks Bill for your comments and insights. OBTW - Love listening to you on the airwaves. You can never be replaced.


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