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I received this message from Jonathan Emord who is running for the republican nomination for Senate. While I'm sure Mr. Emord is a nice guy, I can't recall him visiting the region or spending time understanding our unique challenges. The only way we solve our problems is by having good constructive dialog that address the real issues and not the talking points.Below is his note and my response.  


Good morning,

I'm Jonathan Emord, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

Today is Election Day. I'm asking for your vote to defeat Tim Kaine. Biden, Kaine, and their benefactor George Soros are destroying America. We need an expert in the Constitution with a long track record of victory over the Deep State, the federal bureaucracy, to defeat Kaine in the debates and in the court of public opinion. I am that candidate.

Our Constitution now hangs by a single thread. To save our state and nation, we need a U.S. Senator who will fight to ensure that the Constitution's limits on government power are restored and our unalienable rights to life, liberty and property are protected. We need one who will not only fight but who will win! That requires a track record of constitutional victory, a track record I have. I have defeated the federal bureaucracy over and over again, including a record 8 times against the FDA on constitutional grounds.

Radicals Biden and Kaine are attacking our rights, destroying our economy and national security, letting criminals roam free, allowing illegal aliens to invade our country, and forcing woke agendas onto our children. I will revive our economy, restore the rule of law, secure our borders, defend our rights, protect children, and demand that the Constitution be upheld.
I hope I earn your vote today. Together we will defeat Tim Kaine in November, save Virginia, and save America.

My response.

Dear Mr. Emord,

Thank you for sharing your platform and vision for the future of our state and nation. As a resident of Southwest and Southside Virginia, I have several concerns and questions I hope you can address to better inform my decision on Election Day.

Regional Concerns

Firstly, I have noticed that you have not visited our region or specifically addressed our unique challenges. Our communities struggle with economic development, access to quality healthcare, and infrastructure improvements. Could you please outline your specific plans to support and invest in Southwest and Southside Virginia to ensure our region prospers alongside the rest of the state?

Constitutional Concerns

You mentioned that "the Constitution hangs by a single thread." This phrase suggests a significant vulnerability in our constitutional framework. Could you provide specific examples of current threats to our constitutional principles and explain how your past victories against federal bureaucracy will translate into positive outcomes for our communities?

Additionally, both major political parties often abuse power, vote along strict party lines and fail to seek the common good for the citizens. This behavior contradicts the intentions of the Founding Fathers. For example:
  • James Madison warned against the dangers of factionalism and the concentration of power, emphasizing the importance of checks and balances to protect liberty. He believed that a well-constructed union would break and control the violence of factions (Federalist No. 10).
  • In his Farewell Address, George Washington cautioned against the dangers of political parties and factionalism, which he feared would lead to divisive and destructive politics.
  • Thomas Jefferson and James Madison also advocated for a clear separation of church and state, ensuring that religious influence does not dictate government policy, preserving religious freedom, and preventing theocracy.
Given these principles, how do you plan to address the partisanship and power abuses prevalent in our current political landscape? How do your views and actions align with the Founding Fathers' emphasis on balanced governance and the separation of church and state?

Policy Clarifications

In addition to the above concerns, I would like to understand your stance on several key issues:
  • Term Limits: What is your position on implementing term limits for members of Congress to promote fresh perspectives and reduce career politics?
  • Balanced Budget: How do you plan to achieve a balanced federal budget while ensuring essential services and support for all citizens, especially those in economically disadvantaged regions like ours?
  • Women’s Rights: As the father of two daughters, what are your views on women’s rights, particularly regarding reproductive health and equal opportunities in the workplace?
  • Immigration: The recent bipartisan immigration bill was killed in Congress. What is your stance on immigration reform, and how do you propose addressing the need for secure borders and the humane treatment of immigrants? 

I appreciate your time and attention to these questions. Understanding your detailed plans and how you intend to address the concerns of Southwest and Southside Virginia will help me make an informed decision. I look forward to your response.


William Amos

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