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Startup Spotlight - KlariVis: Shaping the Future of Data Analytics in the Financial Industry

KlariVis: Shaping the Future of Data Analytics in the Financial Industry

Financial analytics company KlariVis has emerged as a disruptor in the banking community. Founded by Kim Snyder in February 2019, KlariVis addresses the longstanding data difficulties in the financial industry.

As the CFO of a regional bank, Kim Snyder was bombarded with data from disparate sources. A sea of numbers and figures from various systems came pouring into her office, and her task was to transform this data into a meaningful, unified vision of her bank's overall performance. The process was tedious, time-consuming, and fraught with potential for error.

She often wondered, "Why is it so difficult to access a single, integrated view of our financial position? Why are we not using technology more effectively to simplify this process?" From her perspective, it was clear that traditional banking systems and processes needed to align with financial executives' evolving needs in the digital age.

Fueled by her discontent, Kim left her position as CFO and embarked on a journey to create a solution. She founded her own consulting firm, dedicated to helping bank officials tackle the same problems she had encountered. Her clients ranged from small community banks to major regional institutions, but they all faced the same fundamental issues.

The more banks she worked with, Kim realized how prevalent this problem was. Banks were spending thousands of dollars building bespoke systems to try and manage their data. But these systems were costly, fragile, and hard to maintain. They were, in essence, patchwork solutions – not the robust, streamlined systems banks needed.

Kim knew there had to be a better way. Armed with her experience and insight into the industry's pain points, she envisioned a unified software system designed specifically for banks. A platform that could be trusted to provide a reliable, transparent, and efficient view of financial data. A tool that could not only simplify data management but also enhance decision-making. Thus started her journey to create KlariVis.

Kim's vision extends beyond just creating a useful tool. She wanted to create a solution built for banks by banking experts. A team of financial industry veterans joined her, combining their knowledge with cutting-edge software development practices. They understood the complexities and the unique needs of the sector, which guided their development of KlariVis. She partnered with various industry partners and worked with the Financial Services Group at Microsoft on bringing the solution to Azure.

KlariVis was designed as a cloud-based software system, ensuring accessibility and security. Its innovative design allowed it to draw data from various systems, integrate it, and present it in a clear, secure, easy-to-understand format. It was the unified vision that Kim had always craved in her CFO days.

Today, Kim is on a mission to redefine banking analytics. Banks nationwide are adopting her pioneering software, transforming how they view and interact with their financial data. They can rely on something other than disjointed systems or make substantial investments in fragile, bespoke solutions.

Kim's journey from frustrated CFO to innovative tech entrepreneur is an inspiring example of how industry-specific pain points can be the birthplace of revolutionary ideas. KlariVis, under Kim's leadership, is not just a tool – it is a testament to the power of industry-specific knowledge and the limitless potential of technology.

In a world where data is king, KlariVis is setting itself apart as a revolutionary solution that directly empowers financial institutions to compete with mega-banks. As they continue to grow and innovate, it's clear that KlariVis is not just another software product – it's a game-changer in the financial institution industry. So, it’s time to reconsider: is it better to bear the brunt of software development or to harness the power of a transformative data analytics solution like KlariVis? The answer is crystal clear. Learn more at

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