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Monday, April 6, 2020

Arrowsmith - A blast from the past

I side with the medical community when it comes to treating illnesses over the advice of politicians or political wannabes- after all if you are not a medical doctor, don't pretend to be one. With that said, go back and watch the 1931 movie Arrowsmith (no Steven Tyler doesn't play the leading man). Dr. Arrowsmith struggled with the dilemma in terms of treating patients with a new drug before clinical trials were completed (Remember this was 1931). While this is a movie, I can't imagine what our healthcare workers are going through. If you have free time - watch the movie. It puts a face on a human tragedy that happened many years ago. Thank you Health Care Community. Maybe the movie industry should do a remake once this is over and make Steven Tyler the leading man (:-}). Change the name to Dr. Aerosmith.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Software Defined Radio Anyone

My new passion - software defined radio. This is a segment on 20 meters. The Flex Radio API allows you to pull DX reports from QRZ and place them on the display. If we can do this with radio, imagine what we can do with your equipment. The bottom left is the noise and signals on this band. It’s like the Matrix. Do you see the lady in the Red Dress (:-)).


I had the opportunity to tour the new STEM building at Virginia Western Community College

this morning. Dean White is doing an amazing job with the program. From 3D Printing,

Robotics, Advanced Manufacturing too Renewables. It’s happening now in Virginia.

John Provo - Virginia Technology Today

It was good to have John Provo stop by the studios to discuss the role of technology in the 

region, economic growth and the latest on Go Virginia - Region 2 activities.    You can listen 

to a replay of the broadcast at