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Monday, April 6, 2020

Arrowsmith - A blast from the past

I side with the medical community when it comes to treating illnesses over the advice of politicians or political wannabes- after all if you are not a medical doctor, don't pretend to be one. With that said, go back and watch the 1931 movie Arrowsmith (no Steven Tyler doesn't play the leading man). Dr. Arrowsmith struggled with the dilemma in terms of treating patients with a new drug before clinical trials were completed (Remember this was 1931). While this is a movie, I can't imagine what our healthcare workers are going through. If you have free time - watch the movie. It puts a face on a human tragedy that happened many years ago. Thank you Health Care Community. Maybe the movie industry should do a remake once this is over and make Steven Tyler the leading man (:-}). Change the name to Dr. Aerosmith.

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