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Friday, August 30, 2019

Today is my last official day at GE.  We announced my retirement internally to the team in late June. Since then, I’ve been wrapping up loose ends and working on the transition plan with the new leadership team.  What an incredible learning experience.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best minds in the industry and can honestly say GE has some of the smartest most dedicated individuals on the planet.   This organizations dedication and focus on the customer is second to none.

I would like to thank Bonz, Khozema, Jenn, Katherine, Steven, Larry, John, Jeff, Dan, Kathleen, Bill, Simon, Russ, Joe, Kim, Jane, Mark, Richa, Mike, Jason, Chris, The Rocker, JeremiahC, MYoung and a host of others for your leadership and inspiration along the way.  

To my GE family – stay in touch and never lose focus on what’s important – the customer.


Below is an edited version of the note that was sent to the team in June.


As you heard on the call this morning, I’ve decided to retire from GE.  For those who know me, this should not come as a surprise since it has been in the works for a couple of years.  I postponed the decision as we started the GED journey to help work on the future direction of the group.  Now that the process is complete, I feel comfortable handing over the reins to the new leadership who will take you to the next level. I want you to know that I’m incredibly proud of your accomplishments and know your best days are still to come.  

What’s next?  I will be around in an advisory role through August, and after that - I will be spending a lot of time with my wife Susan (long overdue), finish a book that I’ve been writing, completing an OSS CMMS project that I’ve been coding for a while and doing a lot of volunteering. In addition to these endeavors, I have been asked to serve on several boards, teach and help the start-up community in the Blacksburg and NOVA region (Ut Prosim is a way of life for my family). 

Remember to always focus on the customer, deliver positive outcomes, and build software consistent with proven industry norms.  In the words of Steve Jobs, “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.”  I think we are crazy enough to change the world if we continue to focus on what’s important – the customer.  My parting request for everyone is to focus on true north, remember the basics, check your ego at the door, hold close the idea that domain knowledge wins, always challenge assumptions if they negatively impact the customer and never stop innovating.

I have so many people I’d like to thank, it’s almost an entirely separate letter. At a minimum, I need to thank Meridium founder Bonz Hart for introducing me to the space and getting me – frankly all of us - started on this journey.  This is the man we should all thank for having the vision. There are so many others to thank, from the people I see every day to the customers we serve.  Your dedication and innovative spirit inspire me every day.

Thank you GE for the opportunity and my incredible team for joining me on this journey.

Take care, and thanks for all you do.


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