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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Are You Suffering From Pilot Purgatory?

Over the course of my career, I’ve been lucky enough to experience a lot of ‘firsts’. Rapid, iterative innovation is one of the highlights of being in the technology space, and it’s a central part of the digital transformation of industries we lead at GE Digital. As is the case with so many big challenges, it’s lots of small-but-powerful ideas that deliver the big outcomes over time. Not so much big “a-ha” moments, but rather strong teams and the right mindset building on successive ideas to drive real momentum.

We know that not all customers are ready for the cloud, and some will always be limited by things like data privacy regulations, IP considerations or other constraints. The Private Cloud brings the full power of the GE Digital portfolio inside a customer’s network; delivering everything from the horizontal strength of the platform all the way up to our industrial applications and extensions that ultimately drive most customer outcomes. Working with key customers, we’ve refined our products, allow for the nuances of each use case while still providing users the ability to monitor, manage, and optimize industrial assets and operations on-premises—all built on the knowledge and strength infused in our cloud offerings.

Transformation starts at the edge

And while the choice to use a public or private cloud is an important decision for any customer, the edge is where the journey with asset data begins. We are evolving our  Edge solution to make it easier than ever for customers to capture and process data in near real-time. Again, we listened to our customers and innovated around their challenges, increasing compute power while reducing footprint, providing the foundation to run applications at the edge and delivering a seamless connection between the edge and cloud when workloads require the additional horsepower.
But back to the concept of iteration that I started with. GE has been in the industrial software business for close to two decades, and GE Digital pulls that domain expertise through to our current products, regardless of where on the asset lifecycle our customers may need it. Another example: last month, we released iFIX6, which is the latest update to our leading HMI/SCADA product. With more than 18,000 customers in 100+ countries, this is an important part of our portfolio, and for many customers, the point where they start their transformation.
Ultimately, these examples are just illustrations of the bigger point: GE Digital is one of the only IIoT innovators that can deliver a true edge-to-cloud portfolio. No more pilot purgatory – we’re delivering real, powerful solutions to customers, wherever they are on their journey. I invite you to take a look for yourself and begin your journey today.  Networks and a Partner and General Manager at Microsoft. He works with a wide range of oil and gas companies to help them better manage and utilize their big data from equipment sensors to make more strategic decisions and stay ahead of market changes.

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